All extraordinary coaches are experts at recognizing distinct personality patterns.

This gives them an incredible advantage…

It’s the advantage that allows them to dive deep and share precise, actionable insights with their clients.

It’s the advantage that leads to a six and seven-figure coaching business and a lasting, world-class reputation.

Watch as in-demand international speaker, best-selling author and renowned coach Dr. Neeta Bhushan shares the 4 key personality patterns that influence human behavior, then read through and reflect on the following list of questions.

Below is a summary of these 4 key personality patterns you must know to take your coaching to the next level. Use these questions as a guideline to gain a rapid, accurate understanding of your clients – their needs and their desires – so you can help them create the results they’re looking for.

The Energy Pattern

How does your client process their energy? How do they approach others? How do they work and play and rest? Are they quiet and controlled? Are they enthusiastic and energetic? Are they calm and centred?

The Receiving Pattern

How does your client receive information? How do they take in information from their environment? Does your client receive information strategically or intuitively? What are their filters – the beliefs and values - through which they see the world?

The Organizing Pattern

How does your client organize information they receive? Do they make decisions based on logic and the outcomes they want to create or do they make decisions based on beliefs and values and the impact their decisions have on others?

The Process Pattern

How does your client process information? Do they need time and space to reflect, understand and absorb? Does your client ask a lot of questions when a new concept or idea is introduced? Do they make quick decisions based on what they perceive?

Your ability to recognize these personality patterns will help you understand your clients on a deeper level. You’ll intensify and amplify your coaching skills and most importantly you’ll gain the confidence and skills you need to work with just about any client to quickly create amazing results.

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Dr. Neeta Bhushan

Dr. Neeta Bhushan

Dr. Neeta Bhushan is the Best-Selling Author of Emotional GRIT and The Book of Coaching. She is a renowned speaker and coach to leaders, executives and entrepreneurs.

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