An accountant who longs to be an artist…

A doctor who dreams of becoming a professional writer…

You probably know someone who has a secret ambition. Someone who wants to do something other than what they’re being paid to do (maybe that someone is you).

I want you to recognize this truth…

Just because you’re good at something, doesn’t mean you need to spend your whole life doing it.

So often we’re really good at a specific skill, task, job or activity but it doesn’t light us up. It doesn’t inspire or motivate us to achieve our highest potential.

That’s why it’s important to understand the difference between a strong weakness and a strong strength.

Knowing how to tell these two traits apart will help you achieve freedom and fulfillment in your life.

Being able to leverage your strong strengths is the difference between average growth in your business and extraordinary expansion and success.

In this insightful video, you’ll learn how to identify your strong weaknesses and your strong strengths so you can transform your story, tap into your true strengths, and live in alignment with your purpose.

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Ajit Nawalkha

Ajit Nawalkha is the Co-founder of Evercoach. He is passionate about disrupting industries and creating positive change. Ajit is a business coach himself.

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