What makes a Great Coaching Practice?

There are four categories.

Deep Inner Work

Fearless Coaching

Creating Clients

Lastly, Business of Coaching.

Rich puts it perfectly.

In words of Rich Litvin

“For me, there’s a number of categories. First category is identity.

It’s the deep work you need to do on yourself. You can’t take a client any deeper than you’ve gone yourself. So many people do one-off coaching course, and they think they’re ready to coach.

When I wrote that article I mentioned earlier on mastery, people were surprised that the depth of trainings I’ve done, the coaches I’ve worked with. And when I got that feedback, I realized, “Wow, I’ve only put in a half of the stuff I’ve done.” And the stuff that I’ve done that was bad and that I’ve forgotten, that didn’t even come into the article.

So it’s do the deep work on yourself, and it never stops. I’m always in trainings. I’m always learning. I’m always studying.

So that’s the first piece, your identity. Who are you? Who do you want to be? That’s more important than anything else. That’s what makes you attractive to your people. They get how you show up.

Second one, I’d call fearless coaching. It’s this sense of being willing to take your clients on a dive that nobody else would dare to go.

Ask them questions that no one else would, everyone else would be scared to ask, but you’re willing to go there with your clients. That you’re willing to be fearless in yourself, to ask the things that scare you, to do the things that scare you.

So the third one is what I call creating clients. Now, that’s the place that coaches come in, like how do I create clients? If you haven’t done the deep inner work first, if you haven’t the work on willing to be fearless, step into your fears, and challenge your clients to step into your fears, it doesn’t matter, this piece about creating clients.

Everyone’s teaching you how to create clients, but it’s the depth that comes before it that counts. Then you get to creating clients. How do you create clients? It’s really key to look at, what are the steps you need to take? And my book, The Prosperous Coach, dives into that, but the truth be told, it’s actually very individualized.

If I work with a coach, if I’m training a coach, there’ll be elements of that book that I’ll throw out. There’ll be elements that are not even in it I’ll put in. So creating clients comes next.

And the last piece is the business of coaching. If you really want to succeed and take your business to the next level, it’s looking at what systems you have in place. Are you willing to accept support?

The hardest thing for me, most high performers struggle to accept help. But just that willingness for me to create a team of people who support me, put things in place so that my business is handled, everything from a savings account to an accountant and legal side of things, just to make sure that everything’s in place to create an extraordinary business. And then I can take my business, my life to the next level.”  

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Ajit Nawalkha

Ajit Nawalkha is the Co-founder of Evercoach. He is passionate about disrupting industries and creating positive change. Ajit is a business coach himself.

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