As Lisa Nichols once wisely said,

“Your self worth needs to match your net worth.”

– If you want to allow more money into your experience, but feel guilty or uncomfortable by the thought of charging more, the amount of self worth you feel could be the thing that’s stopping you from allowing financial freedom to manifest.

In this video, Marie Forleo touches on the following three factors that could be contributing to your feeling of guilt around money:

1. Believing that there’s a finite amount of money (if you win, somebody loses).

2. Doubting your ability as a coach, and feeling like a fraud for charging the amount you do (or want to).

3. Feeling like anyone who pays for your services is being duped, and is paying you out of desperation.

Even though Marie’s example is about someone who is feeling guilty about selling art, this video is relevant to anyone who is charging money for something that they’re creating, or a service that they’re providing.

Evercoach Team

Evercoach Team

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