I used to hate working from home.

Sure, I enjoyed the convenience of working from home. Nobody was keeping eye out on what I was doing. I could decide when to take breaks. I could plan the day in whatever day I wanted. No deadlines.

Yet, because I had a freedom to do whatever I wanted to do, I found myself getting extremely off-track all the time. I found myself going on an endless movie marathon. I’d go to sleep in early evening, and wake up in early afternoon. I’d find new shiny objects (those freebies and online tutorials) and just go on a huge binge.

I hated working from home because I found it impossible to get anything done.

But as of recently, that changed quite a bit. I get things done. I stay on-track. And I don’t really binge on shiny objects either. This change didn’t require me to invest thousands of dollars, or for me to find someone for me to monitor all of my activities.

I began to love working from home—thanks to these 3 apps.

#1 – Timestats

Timestats is a Google Chrome extension that tracks your web browsing activities. The extension shows how long you have been on each website, for how long, and the percentage of time you spent on these websites.

What made me fall in love with this tool right away was the fact that it reduced the necessity of me having to manually log my time down. The tool does it all, and allows me to see which chunks of my time are being spent on what website. This allowed me to become a lot more conscious of what I’m doing — and ultimately created a better focus of my work hours.

#2 – Asana

Asana is one of the most well-known project management tools in the world. The beauty of Asana lies in its ease of use and its robust functionalities. You can use Asana to keep a track of all your tasks, projects, and even as a team communication tool.

Using Asana, I’m able to keep multiple projects of different categories in a very organized manner. It allows me to see the deadlines and progresses in both list and calendar form. It puts me at ease knowing that there’s a business hub for me to keep everything together. (And the fact that I can easily add team members and communicate with them within the app takes care of the concern of scalability as well).

#3 – Stayfocused

Stayfocused is a Google Chrome extension allows you to block off any websites for the duration of your choice. You won’t be able to access those ‘distracting websites’ until that time period is over.

Although I don’t use this app daily, I do use this app whenever I need a stronger intervention from my distractions. There’s no “just five minutes” or “let’s see what’s going on here”. And it really works because it makes it impossible for me to even access distracting websites.

I managed to turn my business and work-life balance around with these 3 apps, becoming more productive, efficient and successful. However, I highly suggest you to try out different ones until you find which ones work best for you. There are many other apps out there.  You might find the apps that make you think, “where has this app been all my life?”

What’s one tool that you’re going to try out?


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